Salomon Kalou shoot

Here are a couple of still from a portrait shoot with Chelsea and the Ivory coast’s striker Salomon Kalou.

K-Swiss Campaign

Here are some shot’s from the latest campaign I shot for K-Swiss featuring Australia’s Dianne Berry, the campaign will be running throughout the UK and Europe. Visit

PR shoot for 20th Century Fox

Here’s a shot of Kimberly Murphy from Fox films PR Junket on their film Knight and Day, the shoot was spaced over two days at the Ducati track In Bologna Italy.

Sb Magazine Japan.

Here are some page’s from Sb magazine Japan.

Stevie Williams.
A feature translated into Japanese.

Board Magazine Cover

Here is a cover shot for Board magazine, the photo is of Marek Zaprazny in Italy.

Nike running event

Here are a few stills shot for Nike promoting their new running trainer, various runners from over Europe took to the streets of London to test out the new trainers.

Nike Running Event

Here’s a print used in the Nike running event to promote the new Lunar running shoe.

Cadburys Spots v Stripes

Here are a selection of stills from a shoot promoting the new Cadburys Spots V Stripes Challenge bar, which has been made especially for the 2012 Olympics.
The shoot showcases two teams one representing Spots and the other Stripes, where they are competing in various different challenges and games.